The Best & Worst Places for Expats in 2016

As you already know I am spending some reasonable (?) time to uncover the applied  methodologies behind different ranking procedures. Here is a  survey about ranking countries from the perspective of expats.  I am not sure why, 67 countries are listed only. The long survey describes the methods and results. Here I copy the main findings only:


  • Taiwan named best expat destination in the world
  • Malta pushes Mexico off the podium
  • Taiwan and Malta perform well in all areas of expat life
  • Ecuador loses ground in terms of Working Abroad and Quality of Life
  • Kuwait, Greece and Nigeria remain last on the list

2 thoughts on “The Best & Worst Places for Expats in 2016”

  1. Good example on how meaningless rankings can sometimes be. Germany and Hungary in the same leage…. let me guess, the test was done by English natives speakers, and they scored down countries where English is not spoken.. like Germany and Hungary. (Whereas honestly I think if you are expat, you should learn the language. So I would score down those who are scoring down the places for languages….)


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