and the winner ….

The English author Kazuo Ishiguro has been named winner of the 2017 Nobel prize in literature, praised by the Swedish Academy for his “novels of great emotional force”, which it said had “uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world”.

With names including Margaret Atwood, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and Haruki Murakami leading the odds at the bookmakers, Ishiguro was a surprise choice. ( The Guardian )

4 thoughts on “and the winner ….”

  1. So much about rankings? I heard however that the Nobel committee takes the list of nominees and selects one form the top (using ranking!) that nobody expects to win. So … so Ishiguro must have been #5 or similar? Poor Murakami, thats the end of it for him – no two Japs in a lifetime, I guess.


  2. I know he lives there. When I said Japanese, I should have said “English darling Japanese”.

    Murakami is another example, he is not held in high regard in his own country, but his books are well published in English (I do like him nevertheless, and alas I don’t know the others, but I know ABOUT them, and about Murakami’s controversial status in Japan).


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