The “best” and the “most” mania

It is time now to discuss our love to ordered lists. BBC E-cyclopedia defines listmania as ”media obsession to categorise anything into lists, be they musical artistes, memorable sporting moments, quotations, words of the year etc etc”. A list of reasons are given why our brains and mind love lists. Believe or not (why not?) I spent six minutes to collect the list here starting from cnn and use at most one click:

  • 8 best Istanbul hotels
  • 5 ways you’re losing money without even realizing it
  • 7 best places to stay in Napa Valley
  • 12 amazing hotels perfect for animal lovers
  • The best photos from the solar eclipse
  • 10 of the best beaches near airports
  • 8 tips for surviving long flights
  • 4 questions to ask yourself before retiring .

Our brain process external information perceived by all of our sensory systems. The incoming information is useful only if we are able to comprehend, and lists help to organize new information. Many of us prepare To-Do lists. It is a prioritized lists of all the tasks that we need to carry out generally ”soon”. So, first we make a list of everything that we have to do, than make a ranked list with the most important tasks at the top of the list, and the least important tasks at the bottom. Actually it is not so simple to prepare a To-Do list, and the question is whether we have some ”best” algorithm of constructing one. There are different features of tasks we have to do it, say urgency, expected penalty for postponing, the time to should assign to do the job, etc. You certainly can not postpone to pick up your kid from the kindergarten. If your boss asks you to tell your quick opinion about a situation (maybe in a form of list) at noon, you will decide whether you do it before or after lunch (well, an eager beaver could do instead of lunch). Some people believe that a LONG To-Do list is the proof of their value and indispensability. Not speaking about the sad fact that cemeteries are full with indispensable people, successful people are able to outsource their tasks, as most famously Tam Sawyer did with the whitewashing of the fence.



One thought on “The “best” and the “most” mania”

  1. ‘ do not know why do you call this “mania”. Don’t you want to stay in one of the best Istanbul hotels, at the best places in Napa Valley, go to the best beaches from the airport, have a look at the best photos from the solar eclipse? Don’t you want to avoid the most frequent^dangerous
    ways of losing your money? Don’t you wish to survive long flights?


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