A news about the world of ranking: Napoleon was the Best General Ever, and the Math Proves it.

Ethan Arsht published an analysis of Ranking Every* General in the History of Warfare. He adopted  a “system of Wins Above Replacement (WAR). WAR is often used as an estimate of a baseball player’s contributions to his team. It calculates the total wins added (or subtracted) by the player compared to a replacement-level player. For example, a baseball player with 5 WAR contributed 5 additional wins to his team, compared to the average contributions of a high-level minor league player. WAR is far from perfect, but provides a way to compare players based on one statistic.”

Arsht constructed a database from Wikipedia. The database  includes 3,580 unique battles and 6619 generals, and using a not too complicated linear model he got some remarkable results:

“Among all generals, Napoleon had the highest WAR (16.679) by a large margin. In fact, the next highest performer, Julius Caesar (7.445 WAR), had less than half the WAR accumulated by Napoleon across his battles. Napoleon benefited from the large number of battles in which he led forces. Among his 43 listed battles, he won 38 and lost only 5. Napoleon overcame difficult odds in 17 of his victories, and commanded at a disadvantage in all 5 of his losses. No other general came close to Napoleon in total battles. While Napoleon commanded forces in 43 battles, the next most prolific general was Robert E. Lee, with 27 battles (the average battle count was 1.5). Napoleon’s large battle count allowed him more opportunities to demonstrate his tactical prowess. Alexander the Great, despite winning all 9 of his battles, accumulated fewer WAR largely because of his shorter and less prolific career….”

For the details visit his website, see also comments on his post.

3 thoughts on “A news about the world of ranking: Napoleon was the Best General Ever, and the Math Proves it.”

  1. Objective numbers… And what about Barclay de Tolly and Kutuzov? In war: one loss is enough to destroy everything…


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