5 thoughts on “Top guitarists according to Rolling Stone…”

  1. I cannot but agree with Zoltan. There are so different guitarists, or anything. Above a certain level, all are equally great – in Indian music, for instance, I am recently reading the endless (and pointless) debates about Ravi Shankar, Ananda Devi (his wife) and Nikhal Banerjee, among others. But these are apples and oranges, so they dont compare.


    1. The idiom ”comparing apples and orange” refers to situations, when two items practically cannot be compared. Apples and oranges are thought incomparable or incommensurable. In many European language ”comparing apples and pears” are used. Since comparison is the basis of any ranking procedure, and it has a unique role in our decision makings.


  2. And speaking of guitarists proper, where is John McLaughin (who played on Miles Davis’ Bithches Brew, to mention but ONE of his several legendary roles… he is Jimi Hendrix quality or even above (!)), John Scofield or Frank Zappa? This list is more like one of “names even known to the ignorant” – but to be sure, an interesting question is how to become one….


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