How do you rank your own skills?

In an article in the New York Times with the title You underestimate yourself  (the electronic version has a more eye-catching title: You Are Not as Good at Kissing as You Think. But You Are Better at Dancing.

Could you read the paper, and make comments on it? Here are some items from the paper:

Do you think you are an above-average driver, as most people do? How do you compare with others as a parent? Are you better than most at dancing? Where do you rank in your capability to save humanity?

2 thoughts on “How do you rank your own skills?”

  1. IMHO you should not rank your own skills (in a ranked list that contains you and others). In this evaluation, you have access to both your intention and actual accomplishments. In contrast, you only have access to the actual accomplishments of others, so the mental work of comparing is going to be very biased by unequal input. In an intra-individual ranking (am I better at driving than dancing), then perhaps the results would be grounded in a reasonably equal subjectivity.


  2. I tend to disagree, if I may, with this study, and generally would be sceptical about the findings.
    To start with, I would ask, is the data (i.e. the sampled cohort) unbiased ?
    Second, evaluating oneself fairly needs a trained mind; I disagree that any and every one is capable of judging oneself fairly.
    Third, who is one evaluating oneself against anyway? I presume this will be in one’s immediate vicinity i.e. friends/family/colleagues/neighbourhood. In which case, is it not intuitive that the projected image that one may accumulate of oneself is bound to be biased?
    Which brings me to the Fourth and most important point: who decides the benchmarks for evaluation in each of the categories mentioned? For example, ‘safe driving’ can be defined, and therefore evaluated, in so many different ways — depends on the different driving laws/rules, road conditions, and ‘laws of the land’, globally!


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