3 thoughts on “Thank you, Linda!”

  1. Dear Peter,

    Wei just sent a revised version of my translation a few days ago, the reviewer reviewed it very carefully and found some mistakes in my translation, and he also smooth it to make it more readable, of course, there are something I don’t agree to change and I have to check it with your original version, thus, it is time-consuming, but worthy. I expect to finish my checking in about one month. Up to now, I have only checked the first two chapters. There are something both of us don’t know how to translate, and also some sentence I am not sure if he is correct or I am. Therefore, I would like to ask you.


  2. Dear Peter,

    I just finished my checking of the revised version of my translation by Prof. Cao, who corrected some of my mistakes and smooth my translation. However, I am still not sure the meaning of the following sentences, could you help me as soon as possible?


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