Debates on Ranking Prefectures in Japan

I have received a mail from Norikazu Takami, who kindly translated Ranking to Japanese.

”Recently one ranking attracts a lot of attention here,
which is the prefecture attractiveness ranking. []

Your book discusses similar rankings like the Reputation Quotient, but this
does not show the least known brands; I think there is a risk that showing
the bottom of rankings of people’s subjective views can be collective
bullying. What do you think about this whole phenomenon

This is an annual survey that puts together how people feel about each
prefecture. The most attractive prefectures are quite self-evident: they are
popular tourist destinations like Kyoto and Okinawa or large economic centers like Tokyo; but the problem is that this ranking reveals the least attractive ones as well, and this causes strong complaints. The governor of one of the least attractive prefectures threatened to sue the company issuing the ranking, for instance.

The article and our comments can be seen here:

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