REPAIR: Progress report

We are working on the book, and progressing according to our planned schedule.

To give some hint about Chapter 1, see



1.1 Our Early Encounters in Repairing

1.1.1 Bridges Over the Danube

1.1.2 Shoes Should Be Fixed!

1.1.3 A Lenci doll

1.1.4 The story of an oak table

1.1.5 Aunt Ella, the needlewoman

1.1.6 Oh, my sister

1.1.7 The book in perspective .

1.2 The rise and fall of the “throw-away society”

1.2.1 From poverty to abundance

1.2.2 Planned obsolence

1.2.3 Food waste versus hunger

1.2.4 Fast Fashion: Under the spell of cheap clothing

1.2.5 Consumerism

1.2.6 The throw-away society: Emergence and call for the end .

1.2.7 Social relationships as resources. . .

. . .

Manipulation of Ranking: a HUGE scandal !!!!

Reviews in the BIG Japanese newspapers

The Japanese translation of Ranking has been reviewed in the three big
Japanese daily newspapers. As my colleague, Noriko Sugimori wrote me, Asahi
is Japan’s New York Times. Nikkei is Japan’s Wall Street Journal. Youmiuri
has the largest paper circulation in the world. For the reviews and her
rough translation, see:
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Ranking of Undergraduate Institution based on the Numbers of Nobel Prize winners

Forbes published an article of Jonathan Wai, who gave a new ranking of (not necessarily purely) undergraduate institutions based on the number of Nobel prize winners. Of course, only a small number of schools nurtured Nobel prize winners, the paper discusses the pros and cons of this ranking. (Dr. Wai: Thank you for the nice citation of my Ranking book.)