[Review 1]

I was asked to delete. I did. I left some ruin of the review for the future archeologists.


To begin. The book is brilliant! brilliant! brilliant! I am not kidding you. This book will sell to a wide market if it is kept at a good price and also marketed well.  …

As such, I think this book could be also marketed to undegraduate and graduate students in sociology and globalisation studies.

A question from Peter Bruck:

Two of performers really stand out from the above selection: Beethoven and Michael Jackson – great music and great performances. But for my generation Bach, Mozart etc are missing.
However, in relation to Peter Erdi’s book the real question is: how to define rules which gives large weight to real, heartbreaking music – like the “Leiermann” of Franz Schubert – instead of the nice ass of blond girls (which is equally enjoyable but not as a musical accomplishment).
Please do make some hints!