Ranking generations

Let me start with us:

  1.  Baby Boomers, are the generation that were born  from 1946 to 1964.
  2.  Gen X birth year is in the interval 1965-1980.
  3.  Millenials (also identified as Gen Y) were born in the interval 1981-1996.
  4.  Gen Z people are from the years of  mid- to late-1990s,

We Boomers should understand the angriness of Gen Z reflected by by the song OK Boomer.

Did we destroy the future of the next generation? Maybe yes. But, we Baby Boomers were always open for dialog, and I cannot offer anything better just to initiate cross-generation discussions.

As I am preparing to my Intro to Complex Systems Class for the coming winter, I think we should start this discussion.  I am really curious whether or not I will be able to involve  Gen Z students to this dialog.   I am just reading and thinking, these  activities define us Baby Boomer intellectuals.

OK, Boomer: This Is How To Respond To Gen Z’s New Meme

and a possible answer for the attack:

OK zoomer, is that really the best you’ve got?

Our year was 1968, characterized by the assassination of Martin Luther King and of Robert Kennedy, protests and strikes in France, Prague Spring and by the White Album of the Beatles,

Oh, Nobel in literature and in peace …

As the Reader remembers,  due to a scandal the Nobel laureates in literature for both 2018 and 2019 will be announced together this week. We all know now how difficult to navigate between subjectivity and objectivity.

Here is a list, led by the Canadian poet, Anne Carson.

This year sensation is the peace award. According  to the odds offered by LadbrokesGreta Thunberg has 4/6, see here. since the numerator should be larger than the denominator. There are two questions: (1) Does it mean than six of four people suggests her?? More importantly, how this prize would influence her life?

Dear Reader, any comment would highly be appreciated.