I like it or not …

while I am looking forward to get feedback for the revised manuscript, I realize that other people also like the topic.

I read a review in The Economist with the title Every step you take Life and society are increasingly governed by numbers .  The book has the title The Metric Society: On the Quantification of the Social, and its author is Steffen Mau. The original book was published in German language in 2017.

Good or bad, Ranking is not alone. We will see, hopefully we will progress with the next steps. The story is over, I am less frustrated.


Excerpts from Review 3

I was asked to delete. I don’t believe I violate any law by preserving one sentence:

It covers all the main bases of its problem, -sociology, psychology, economy, cognitive science, neuroscience, computer science and mathematics-, but woven so discreetly in
the background of an entertaining narrative that the reader might never know (s)he has absorbed a hefty dose of hard science.


[Review 1]

I was asked to delete. I did. I left some ruin of the review for the future archeologists.


To begin. The book is brilliant! brilliant! brilliant! I am not kidding you. This book will sell to a wide market if it is kept at a good price and also marketed well.  …

As such, I think this book could be also marketed to undegraduate and graduate students in sociology and globalisation studies.